460225_568057-2014-0626-farm-tourSavvy shoppers are more interested than ever in how their food is produced. Agri-tourism invites members of the public to visit ag operations while providing recreational and/or educational experiences that build public awareness of rural life.

For many people who visit farms, especially children, the visit marks the first time they see the source of their food, be it a dairy cow, an ear of corn growing in a field, or an apple they can pick right from the tree.

TMK Farm is ideal for your agri-tourism experience, just 35 minutes from Portland, Oregon! Spend an hour or spend the day. Learn how your popular dairy products are produced, meet our “cow-lebrities” and gain a working knowledge of life on the farm.

This direct-to-farmer learning experience allows time for questions and answers at an any level level, and an opportunity for farmers to share what practices are being used and the logic behind them. As they say, “Know your farmer, know your food.”

We are hopeful and excited to partner with Chase Mission Main Street to speed up our five year plan by over 36 months!  It’s an exciting time at TMK farm! Soon you’ll be able to stay and shop some of the regions most sought after delicacies including our artisan cheeses, locally crafted jams, spreads, baked goods, and more.

Personal and group tours can be given on Saturdays and Sunday’s by appointment.  Simply call the farm at (503) 705 2550 or send a tour request through our contact page. More activities and features are being planned to grow the farm every year.

We look forward to welcoming you to our farm!